University City Partners Park Masterplanning Sponsored Studio

Through an innovative partnership, University City Partners, the City.Building.Lab., and UNC Charlotte’s School of Architecture/Master of Urban Design Program will explore the impacts of the Blue Line Extension as it connects the Center City with the University campus, opportunities for new park typologies that may spur local development, and help catalyze a vision for an open space and park masterplan for the University City area. 

Green Queen City

As a follow up to the School of Architecture’s spring 2014 SUPERstudio, this initiative will explore opportunities that Charlotte may have to both address climate change and to strengthen its urban form.

The premise of the SUPERSTUDIO took climate change and the local regional environment as a point of departure:

Charlotte _ Next: Olympic Studio (Topic Studio Fall 2013)

This architecture topic stuido focused upon the idea of Charlotte as a host Olympic city.  This idea was a reponse to many current and past events.  The United States Olympic Committee recently asked Charlotte, NC to consider hosting the 2024 Summer Games.  Following on the success of the 2012 National Democratic Convention, Charlotte was in the running to host ESPN’s X Games.  Events such as these present host cities with the opportunity to reinvent themselves for the world stage.  For Charlotte, an Olympic event would signal its arrival as a global city. Spec

Architecture for Social Justice Award: LAC Collaboration

Architecture for Social Justice Award: Partnerships in Teaching (2003, Awarded by Adaptive Environments, Boston, MA, and the National Endowment for the Arts).  We were one of 10 nationally recognized partnerships to receive this award. Our work with the Latin American Coalitiion aimed to identify demographic trends and to help program and locate a new home for the organization.