The City.Building.Lab has partnered with the City of Charlotte to pilot-test a series of "parklets" in critical locations throughout the city. Our first installation went "live" this summer (2015) on Church Street (in Center City) and others are on the way!

MAX - Mobile Arts & Community Experience

The Mobile Arts & Community Experience (MAX) is a joint public outreach effort between the Department of Urban Design and the Department of Theater. Made possible by a grant from the Knight Foundation, MAX is housed in a mobile theather/classroom structure (fabricated by Boxman Studios) that will travel throughout Charlotte providing theatrical entertainment and community engagement.


Read more about MAX in the news!

Little Free Libraries - Fall 2014

Students in City Building Lab director Jose Gamez's architectural studio class participated in (Park)ing day - a global event where teams in cities around the world take over a parking space for a day to create a mini "parklet." As part of Charlotte's Parking Day event, the teams were each asked to build a Little Free Library - a box to be placed in a public place somewhere in the city which people can use to lend and borrow books. The students in the studio split into four groups, each group constructing their own library.

CCOG "CONNECT Our Future" Regional Scan Document - August 2013

“CONNECT Our Future” is a process in which communities, counties, businesses, educators, non-profits and other organizations work together to grow jobs and the economy, improve quality of life and control the cost of government. This project will create a regional growth framework developed through extensive community engagement and built on what communities identify as existing conditions, future plans and needs, and potential strategies.

Alternative Futures Report

The work in this seminar workshop class (spring 2013) was a part of a larger research project funded by a $5m federal grant from the Housing and Development Department and the Environmental Protection Agency to the Centralina Council of Governments and the Catawba Regional Council of Governments, local non-profit organizations that assist local governments in regional planning issues.

2403 Wilkinson Visioning Study

Wilkinson Boulevard is representative of many aging auto-oriented landscapes.  This area will be impacted by a local trolly line that may connect this commercial arterial to downtown Charlotte. Many of the now boarded up commercial buildings are structurally sound and could provide opportunities for rebuilding the area in ways that can foster pedestrian traffic, new residential and commercial tenants, and renewed social life.